Plans of Action

for Peace


On July 10-15, 2007, over 1,300 delegates from 45 counties and 37 U.S. states attended the International Women’s Peace Conference hosted by Peacemakers Incorporated in Dallas, Texas, USA.  Throughout the Conference, delegates participated in issue workshops moderated by trained facilitators.  In each workshop, participants drafted Plans of Action, listing specific actions, many of which help to implement the UN MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS and which can be taken by grassroots peacemakers in their respective communities and countries to work for peace. Actions are listed in each of the following areas:







Law & Discrimination


Poverty & Migration



In a general session of the Conference, delegates unanimously adopted the COMMITMENT STATEMENT and individually pledged to implement one or more action items from the Plans of Action for Peace.

The  MISSION STATEMENT is based on the Commitment Statement adopted by the delegates of the International Women’s Peace Conference.

The Commitment Statement, the Mission Statement and the Plans of Action for each workshop topic are available by clicking on the links highlighted above.

Note to Workshop facilitators and participants:  Your work is very much appreciated.  To see the full, unedited drafts from the workshops, please click on the following links: Diplomacy; Education; Environment; Globalization; Health; Law and Discrimination; Media; Poverty and Migration ;and Violence